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TUPE - Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our TUPE process
01. What happens to my Employment terms and conditions in a TUPE transfer?
Under TUPE regulations, you will retain the terms and conditions under which you were previously employed, and Chosen Care Group is committed to honouring your terms.
02. Can I be dismissed because of the transfer?
You cannot be dismissed solely because of the transfer, as you are protected under TUPE regulations.
03. What happens with holiday entitlement?
Any holiday booked and approved before the transfer to Chosen Care Group will be honoured. If you have any outstanding holidays left before the cut-off, you can still book and take those paid holidays.
04. What happens to my Pay?
Your rate of pay and payday will remain the same as what you received from your previous employer. Furthermore, Chosen Care Group conducts an appraisal in the first month and based on your experience and the quality of care you deliver, there may be an increase in your rate of pay.
05. Can Chosen Care Group downgrade my role?
Under TUPE regulations, your role and associated terms and conditions, including pay, cannot be altered solely because of the transfer. Any changes would require your agreement.
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