April 2021


Dear Staff

Re: Supervision Due

I hope you are well.

I wish to bring to your attention your Supervision is due and should be taken by the month of April 2021

Please find below the link to book your Supervision

What the CQC Regulation (Law) says?

“Staff must have regular Supervision and annual appraisal, so we undertake a minimum of 3 Supervisions, and an Annual Appraisal helps you to address any issue and celebrate achievements, allow you to discuss learning and development.”

“Staff must have Annual refresher training as a minimum, and Staff work with complex, or special needs people; should take more enhanced training.”

The standards we work to are there to safeguard the vulnerable adults that we support! Remember, you are paid for your time to attend meetings, Supervision, and refresher training.

The Supervision and Training is Mandatory, and if you continue to miss Supervision or training, we will have to take disciplinary action, which may lead to termination of employment.

Asad Abdullah
Registered Care Manager