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24 hour Live-in Care

A homemaker or person who helps with chores or tasks can maintain the household with housekeeping tasks.
For individuals with complex and varying needs, there is nothing better than opting for a 24-hour live-in care service which is beneficial for both the person being cared for and their family.

How do we train our live-in care workers?

Since this job requires for our carers to be at their best while they are serving the patients with special physical, mental and emotional needs. They are trained to carry out daily life activities, to enhance communication with the person being cared for and to ensure the comfort and relief of the individual.

Benefits of 24-hour live-in care

Our 24-hour live-in care ensures the maintenance of your independence and freedom to live life as you choose
Our 24-hour live-in care guarantees the comfort and security of living in familiar surroundings
Our 24-hour live-in care assists with the avoidance of separation from much-loved pets
Our 24-hour live-in care provides relief from the burden of domestic chores such as cleaning, shopping and laundry
Our 24-hour live-in care guarantees the freedom to choose what you eat and when you eat.
Our 24-hour live-in care ensures the provision of consistent care by a person who understands you and your varying needs
Our 24-hour live-in care brings with it the one-to-one personal care and attention unrivalled by residential homes
Our 24-hour live-in care eliminates the elements of stress, vulnerability, loneliness and insecurity for the patient.
Our 24-hour live-in care provides immediate medical support in case of emergencies


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