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Learning Disability

At Chosen Care Group, our Learning Disability care service is outcome-based, supporting you to live as independently as possible and empowering you to have choice and control over your care. We care for and support people of all ages who have learning disabilities and associated needs, such as communication difficulties, autism, epilepsy and physical disabilities. Our person-centered approach helps you to reach your potential and develop your independence include people with
Moderate to severe learning disability
Profound and multiple learning disabilities / Complex needs
Learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges

How do we train our learning disability support workers?

A person with a mental or physical disability, including conditions such as Epilepsy, Autism, communicate difficulties, has varying needs and requirements. Here at Chosen Care Group, our focus has always been to provide the exceptional services for such individuals in order to pave way for a community that grows together with each other’s assistance.
As it was mentioned in Valuing People (White Paper, 2001), People have equal rights as citizens and services for people with learning disabilities should promote inclusion, independence and choice.
Our learning disability services are much more flexible than traditional services. Whether you want us to help you with your own accommodation, your family home or a supported living service, we match our service to your needs. We can support you for a few hours a week or 24 hours a day, or anything in between.
Our high-quality care service can be a cost-effective alternative to nursing or residential home admission. Call us for a free assessment of your care requirements, and a no-obligation estimated cost for your proposed care package.

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