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Extra Care

As opposed to what many users think of it, Extra Care (sometimes known as assisted or supported living) provides our clients with access to high levels of care without having to sacrifice all of their autonomy.


Personalised Extra Care services

Whilst our Extra Care Schemes have a communal spirit, the care we give our service users is highly personalised. We build tailored care plans which accommodate not just the assessed needs of the service user, but also their unique preferences and aspirations. This enables us to deliver a personalised, outcome-focused service. So, whilst tenants in our Extra Care schemes can access the benefits of their community, they can still count on getting the person-centred care they desire.

How do we train our Extra Care Support Workers?

Our care workers at Extra Care sites are passionate about creating vibrant communities in which service users can play as active a role as they choose. In addition to developing a calendar of engaging social activities, we also run scheme-wide initiatives which help service users to stay fit and healthy, such as onsite GP clinics, nutrition workshops and exercise programmes.
A regular and personally tailored post-operative care package can be developed with a Professional Carer who understands the individual needs of yourself or your loved one, in order to aid the recovery process.

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