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Complex Care

Chosen Care Group’s Complex Care services are designed for individuals with chronic and complex diseases who need continuous care and support from family and carers. We have a sustained record of success in providing high-quality bespoke care in almost all clinical and social settings, providing care for individuals with a range of needs including
Complex Care - Adults, Children and Young People
Head and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation
Home Ventilation and Respiratory Support
Renal Care

How do we train our Complex Care Health Care Assistants?

Understanding the needs and requirements of every such individual is the primary task for the assigned carer. We train our Health Care Assistants to treat the patients with nothing but care, love and affection and to focus on every minor detail regarding their condition to help them sustain a healthy lifestyle.
Our Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 care design is meant for our patients to make the most of our complex care services.
Our service is outcome based, supporting you to live as independently as possible and empowering you to have choice and control over your care. Our high quality care service can be a cost-effective alternative to nursing or residential home admission.
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End of life care

At Chosen Care Group, our end of life care services are designed to provide assistance and support to those individuals who are in the last stages of their death and to their families. There are individuals with chronic diseases who have to experience severe pain and irritation during their last days resulting in stealing the comfort of their families too

How do we train our end of life care workers?

This stage where the family is worried about the well-being of their loved one and the person being taken care of is also experiencing discomfort and pain demands an experienced carer who is well aware of the sensitivity of the condition.
Taking care of a person who is nearly dying can be highly frustrating and exhausting hence, we train our carers to behave and interact in ways that are polite and humble. Our exceptional end of life care has been appreciated by many families who were satisfied with how our carers did everything they could to soften the pain of death.
We train our carers to understand patients with breathing problems, pain, digestive problems, skin irritation, etc. in a professional way aimed at providing relief and comfort to the person being cared for.

Every little detail counts

In such conditions when the dying person is left alone to bear the misery, we tell our carers that a small act of holding hands or a gentle touch can ease their emotional suffering.
We understand that this is a highly emotional time for clients and their families and our carers assist with the practical aspects of daily life, as well as provide emotional support which is so important at this time.

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