New Start Checklist (Office staff)

Checklists for the Pre-Onboarding, First Day, First Week, Post-Onboarding Approach.


Your Pre-onboarding process starts the minute after your candidate accepts your offer. Starting from a thank you email for accepting your offer to keeping them engaged till their first day makes up your pre-onboarding phase.

Pre-Onboarding Checklist

    First Day

    The first day for a new employee is very crucial as it will make a lasting impression of your organisation in their mind. This will influence their decision to stay or leave your company big time. So the first day must not go just well, but excellent. Here is a checklist of items you can execute to ensure that it does.

    First Day Checklist

      First Week

      Yes, the process does not directly skip to months later where you ask, “Is everything good?” to the employee. Continue to hand-hold them during the first week to ensure they feel truly at home in their new role.

      The first week will majorly focus on getting to know the company, its values, culture, goals, and how they will fit in it. It will also include getting to know more about their role and plans for the next two to three months.

      You can also introduce them to any of the courses or tests you have as part of your onboarding process here.

      First Week Checklist

        Post Onboarding Checklist/ the 30-60-90 days checklist

        Once the first week is over, your new employee is usually knee-deep into knowing her roles, responsibilities and trying to finish her first set of assignments, etc.; this is a period they are super excited about work, so let them do their thing.

        After a month of their joining, check-in, by this time, they would know what they are doing and if they like it or not. It is the right time to ask them for feedback and work based on it. You can repeat the same on their 60th and 90th day. And as most studies say, if you did everything right, they will stay after that in your company for the long haul.

        The Post-Onboarding Checklist

        30th Day

          60th Day

            90th Day