HR Policy

Only the HR Manager & HR officer is allowed to give a professional reference

    Professional Reference

    Monthly Performance Management - Goals to Measure

    PM identifies, measures, manages, and develops the employee's performance

    12th of every month, produce the 12 staff list

    List 1: Skilled Worker staff

    List 2: Migrant staff list, their working hour's limitation, and Visa expiry date

    List 3: UK Office staff

    List 4: Personal Care staff list

  • Redbridge

  • Newham

  • Walthamforest

  • Complex Care

  • Learning Disability

  • List 5: Walthamforest mental health schemes

    List 6: Cardamon Court

    List 7: Hedgerow Court

    List 8: Alcazar Court

    List 9: Skinners Court

    List 10: Hare Hill

    List 11: UCC staff

    List 12: Staff on short break or hold (one list)