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Our Complaints Process

We continually strive to provide high quality service to all our service users.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and by listening to the people we care for, we will improve our services and continue to make them safer and more responsive. We will learn lessons that will benefit our residents and our staff. Sharing and learning from what our customers tell us will support our planning and care delivery in all our services and facilities

If a complaint alerts us to possible abuse or neglect, we will tell the Council’s adult safeguarding team. The safeguarding team will decide how to investigate and monitor outcomes.

You can provide your feedback – good or bad – quickly and easily through the feedback form on this site.

Chosen Care Group supports the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s initiative to provide a single statement summarising how care providers will investigate complaints. To view this statement please click here.

Making a complaint

The complaints process follows three stages, and we find the majority can be resolved during the first stage. We ask that you give us the details of your complaint within 12 months of the incident or within 12 months of becoming aware of the problem. We will respond to your complaints considerately and as effectively as possible.

It spans three stages, though we are pleased to say that most concerns raised can be resolved in the first stage.

Stage one: Local resolution

If you wish to make a formal complaint regarding any part of the service that you or your loved one has received, please use the feedback form below or contact -

The Complaints and Compliance Team
Chosen Care Group
Cranbrook House, 61 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG1 4PG
T: 020 3659 5052

We take all the complaints we receive very seriously and do our best to work with our customers to sort them out as soon as possible after they are brought to our attention.

You can make a complaint:

• verbally (in person or by phone)
• in writing
• electronically, for example, via email or text message
• via online feedback channels.

We will also agree an appropriate timescale for our response. This response will tell you how we investigated the complaint, the evidence we considered, the conclusions we reached and any actions we have taken.

When we look at your complaint, we will aim to:

• find out what happened
• identify what went wrong
• allow you to discuss the problem with those concerned
• ensure you receive an apology if one is due
• identify what we can do to avoid similar issues in future

It may be helpful for you to meet with the Registered Care manager and the team involved to discuss your concerns. If this is the case, we will arrange for this to happen at a time that suits you.

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Making a complaint on someone else’s behalf

Complaints can be made on behalf of service users but must be made with their full consent. This is to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Caldicott requirements. If consent is not received within 28 working days of the original complaint date, it will be accepted that the customer does not give consent. Written confirmation will then be sent to the complainant that their complaint is being closed due to consent not being given.

Stage two: Internal review

If you are unhappy with the response you receive from stage one, your complaint will be escalated to the Chief Operating Officer, Gracy Metilda, responsible for managing complaints. This person will appoint a complaint investigator who will review the stage 1 investigation, undertake any additional investigation, and inform you of the outcome.

Mrs. Gracy Metilda
Chief Operating Officer
Chosen Care Group
Cranbrook House, 61 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG1 4PG
T: 020 3659 5052
M: 0788 7792 326

Stage three: External Ombudsman

Where Chosen Care fails to resolve the complaint, the complainant has the right to request external resolution by the appropriate Ombudsman or another supervisory service.

You can contact the LGO at:
Tel: 0300 061 0614

At any stage during the process, if you are not happy with the way the service is dealing with your complaint, you can contact the Director at -

Pakkirisamy Natarajan Bhooplan (Bala)
Director and Service Provider
Chosen Care Group
Cranbrook House, 61 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG1 4PG
T: 020 3659 5052

Chosen Care Group services are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC cannot get involved in individual complaints about providers, but is happy to receive information about services at any time.

You can contact the CQC at:

Care Quality Commission National Correspondence
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 03000 616161
Web site:

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