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Through our innovative approaches to care, we have been recognised through numerous awards, including The Great British Care Awards (Innovator, Trainer, Best Care Coordinator) and Mayor award for ‘Best Business Contribution to the Community’. We are Skills for Care ‘Centre of Excellence; and achieved ‘Investors in People’ recognition.

2024 - Workforce Development Award

Sheela Antony | Workforce Development Award
Sheela Antony, has been recognised by Housing with Care for her exceptional efforts in developing innovative training and education programs. Her work has inspired and equipped our staff to deliver outstanding results, ensuring that our service delivery meets the highest standards. 🌟🌟🌟

2024 - Dementia Specialist Award

Sangita Maharjan | Dementia Specialist Award
Sangita Maharjan has been awarded by Social Care Stars for her exemplary skills, awareness, and leadership in delivering top-quality care services for individuals living with dementia. Her dedication has significantly improved the lives of our service users and their families.🏆🏆🏆

2023 - Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Award

Chosen Care Group | Domiciliary Care Quality Hallmark Award
Chosen Care Group is proud to announce that we have won the prestigious Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Domiciliary Care Quality Hallmark Award. . This award recognises our commitment to providing exceptional domiciliary care, enabling individuals to live well and remain at home during their final stages of life. Our dedicated care workers, through rigorous GSF training, ensure seamless, confident, and effective support, significantly reducing avoidable hospital admissions and enhancing the quality of life for our clients.
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2023 - ROSPA Award

Bala | Outstanding Commitment to Safety
We are thrilled to announce that our Director, Mr. Bala, has received the prestigious ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Merit Award. This recognition highlights our commitment to the highest safety standards across all operations.
The ROSPA Merit Award acknowledges organisations dedicated to accident prevention, risk reduction, and employee well-being. It is a testament to Chosen Care Group's relentless efforts to ensure a safe environment for all.

2023 - Women Achieving Greatness in Social Care (WAGS) awards

Gracy Metilda | Social Care Super Woman Award (Home Care)
Gracy Metilda, our Chief Operating Officer, was honoured with the prestigious 'Social Care Super Woman Award (Home Care)' at the Women Achieving Greatness in Social Care (WAGS) awards ceremony on November 21, 2023. This recognition celebrates Gracy's pivotal role in reshaping and reorganising our quality service, and her strength, charisma, and capabilities have contributed to our group's continuous growth and expansion.
Gracy_ 2023 Award

2023 Great British Care Awards

Adedapo Adebimpe | Home Care Worker Award
Adedapo Adebimpe was honoured with the 'Home Care Worker Award' from the Great British Care Awards on November 18, 2023. This award acknowledges Adedapo's significant role as a home care worker, consistently delivering high-quality standards for individuals in their homes. It recognises her dedication, collaborative spirit with colleagues, and career development through training.

2023 Great British Care Awards

Bibiche Nkuna | Putting People First Award
Bibiche Nkuna was recognised with the 'Putting People First Award' at the Great British Care Awards on November 18, 2023. This award celebrates Bibiche's exceptional commitment to embracing the 'Putting People First' and Personalisation agenda, exemplifying innovative approaches that empower individuals to have greater control over their support needs.

2023 Great British Care Awards

Sheela Antony | Workforce Development Award (Highly Commendable)
Sheela Antony received a Highly Commendable recognition for her outstanding contribution to the 'Workforce Development Award.' This accolade underscores Sheela's vital role in identifying training and development needs within our care staff, establishing continuous training programs, securing funding, and inspiring and energising staff to actively participate in training opportunities.

2022 Great British Care Awards

Sheela Antony | COVID Hero Award
Sheela Antony, a shining star in our care team, was celebrated as a 'Covid Hero' at the 2021 Great British Care Awards. Sheela's dedication and selflessness during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic exemplify her as a true hero, providing exceptional care and support to those in need.

2022 Great British Care Awards

Carol Hall | Best Care Assessor Award
Carol Hall, a dedicated Chosen Care Group team member, was awarded the prestigious 'Best Care Assessor Award' at the 2021 Great British Care Awards. This recognition underscores Carol's unwavering commitment to assessing and ensuring the highest standards of care, enhancing the quality of life for those we serve.

2022 Great British Care Awards

Sandhya Daha | Best Care Team Award
Sandhya Dahal, a remarkable leader within our care organisation, led our exceptional care team to victory in the 'Best Care Team' category at the 2021 Great British Care Awards. This award recognises the outstanding collaborative efforts of our team in delivering high-quality care services.
Sandhiya Dahal - Award Photo - 2023

2021 Great British Care Awards

Gracy Metilda | COVID Hero Award
Congrats to our COO, Mrs Gracy Metilda, who has gone above and beyond during the Covid-19 crisis and won the "COVID Hero Award" at Great-British Care Awards for the London Region.

2021 Great British Care Awards

Raj Mohaneer | 'Best Nurse Award
Raj Mohaneer won the 'Best Nurse Award." at the Great British Care Awards, acknowledging his vital role as a specialist nurse in promoting the emotional, physical, psychological and social health of the people we support.

2020 Great British Care Awards

Pakkirisamy Natarajan Bhoopalan (Bala) | Best Care Employer Award
Super Congratulations to our Director Mr Bala on winning the "Care Employer Award" at Great-British Care-Awards
He values the workforce and implements innovative ways to demonstrate this, including "value-added perks" and "compatibility scheduling". He has built a successful domiciliary care and extra care business over the last eight years and acknowledges that this is largely down to his employees, so he ensures he values and supports them at all times.

2019 Great London Care Awards

Frontline Leader and the Best Care Assessor awards
On 16th Nov 2019, Chosen Care Group won two awards at the Great British Care Awards 2019. Two of our staff members recently received the Frontline Leader Award and the Best Care Assessor awards at the Great London Care Awards 2019.
Toni Bayliss won the Frontline Leader Award for her leadership qualities, commitment in promoting Independence, dignity, and choices of the clients.
Swathi Sudhakar won the Best Care Assessor Award for her holistic approach in assessing the client needs and working together to achieve the targeted outcomes, Swathi always encourage each person to achieve as much independence as possible, based upon their individual circumstances, skillset and abilities.
These awards demonstrate our dedication to providing the best care possible for the people we look after. We put huge value on innovations that help our carers to be more satisfied with their jobs, which ultimately translates into better care for those we support.
We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Toni and Swathi!
London Care Awards

Photo: (From left) Award Winner - Swathi Sudhakar, Compere - Steve Walls, Chairman, Chosen Care Group – Bala, and COO, Chosen Care Group - Gracy Metilda - received on behalf of Toni

2019 Mayors Community Award

Best Business Contribution to the Community Award
Gracy Metilda, Chief Operating Officer won ‘Best Business Contribution to the Community’ award from the Mayor. The award in reorganisation and celebration of the achievement of Chosen Care Group delivering more than 1,000,000 care hours for the people in need supporting to live their lives independently which made a real difference to the lives of our residents.
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2018 Great British Care Awards

Best Trainer Award - Regional & National
Sangita Maharjan won the Regional and National Best Trainer Award for her Incredible enthusiasm and determination in identifying training and development needs of staffs
She embraces individual learning plans for care staff and created practical templates for recording and monitoring care staff progress. Always on the quest for better and more effective ways to implement the learner–centred instruction so as the empower care staff to be independent and lifelong learner.
Sangita support the learners to overcome from that fear and challenge themselves to build up self-esteem and confidence to provide safe, effective, caring, and responsive service in the community.
She regularly assess her effectiveness to infuse innovative and creative strategies thus ensuring that all our care staff succeed and progress.
Her philosophy “Spend the necessary time it takes to build right relationships with the care staffs and work along with multidisciplinary professionals to provide required trainings”
best trainer regional award

2018 Mayors Community Award

Best Business Contribution to the Community Award
Chosen Care received the mayor award as we have successfully created 1000 Jobs locally, predominantly helping the local Individuals who are on Jobseekers allowance to be in employment, also enabled 450 newcomers to progress onto jobs and progress their career to higher qualifications through Chosen Care’s Skills Support Scheme.
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2017 Great British Care Awards

Care Innovator Award and Best Care Coordinator Award
Sheela Antony won the Care Innovator Award for her idea to organise the way that domiciliary care is structured – to the benefit of both carers and those they support, allowing for carers to work together, reducing lone working. Sheela created a network of local teams who are able to work together, giving a consistent care approach to those they support and enabling a better work life balance for staff. Her pilot study “Dutch Care Model”, later named as “Compatible Scheduling”, ran from January 2017 and has given excellent results including reduced staff turnover, improved team work, increased their knowledge about service users and enabled chosen care to deliver the highest quality care.
Other benefits noted included:
Care Workers Satisfaction
Reduced travel time
Improved levels of continuity of care
Sheela - best innovator
Home Coordinator Award – Surya Shrestha was recognised for his dedication to the care sector and ensuring person centred care is delivered at all times.
The Great London Care Awards are part of the Great British Care Awards, a series of 9 regional awards celebrating excellence across the care sector. The purpose of the awards is to promote best practice within both home care and care homes sectors, and pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work. Winners of the Great London Care Awards will go through to the national Great British Care Awards final at Birmingham’s ICC in Spring 2018.
Bala, at Chosen Care Group, said:
“I would like to personally congratulate Sheela and Surya for their awards – they are very much deserved. An essential part of providing good care is ensuring you retain the best members of your team – it’s all about them. So as a company, we put huge value on innovations that help our carers to be more satisfied with their jobs – ultimately that translates into better care for those we support.”
Surya best coordinator