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Artifical Intelligence Jobs

Job title: AI & Machine Learning Developer
Job type: Permanent
Job Status: Full time
Salary: £40,000 per annum
Experience required: 5+ years
Education required: Master's Degree in IT
Number of Positions: 2
Work Location:: Ilford
Reporting to: Director
Advert posted date: 24th Sept 2019
Closing date: 25th Oct 2019

Job Description:

AI & Machine Learning Developer will build the Machine Learning infrastructure and API integrations.
It is expected to lead all the processes from data collection, cleaning, and pre-processing, to training models and deploying. One could design and implement efficient pipelines using data exploration and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), to deliver custom, scalable deep learning, and NLU solutions through prototyping, POC, and quantitative metrics for our Robot development.
Develop a Humanoid Robot Voice Interface with Machine learning algorithm
Developing Intent with Custom model NLU/NLP for voice interface of the Robot.
Develop program in Python or Node JS for Robotics actions and mobility based on Voice.
Robotic vision integration with Deep learning tools like Open CV for facial/object recognition and tracking.
Integrating IOT devices with the voice interface of Humanoid Robot.

Essential Criteria:

Highly experienced with natural language understanding, natural language processing, or dialogue management
Strong Programming skills in Python and Node JS and experience in integration of API's.
Highly proficient in building voice assistants with Google Dialog flow or IBM Watson on Linux/Window operating system with Intel based CPU mother boards.
Experience with Machine learning libraries like Tensor flow and Scikit-Learn.
Good knowledge of integrating IOT devices with the Voice assistant.

Send Your CV:

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