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A little about us!

Chosen Care Group is among the most trusted home care providers in London, delivering Personal care and support to a whole population in 22 boroughs including Redbridge, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Newham, Hackney, Havering and many others. We decided to set foot in the social care and support industry in 2012 and since then we have successfully delivered over 2000000 hours of Care & Support to more than 435 clients. Not only did we achieve a trustworthy and credible name in the local healthcare and medical circles, but we also played an instrumental role in the introduction of person-centred services in this domain. We always ensure that the care and support we provide enhances the quality of life whilst helping people to recover.
We treat our clients and communities that we serve as our families since we value their concerns. Our vision lies in offering our clients an impeccable customer service experience that they won’t enjoy anywhere else. We have a team of experienced care workers, professionals and customer support executives who offer their best in their respective fields of work.
Our company goals reflect in our aim to serve the communities in order for them to generate economic, social and environmental value. We strive to be responsive, creative and flexible, always looking for ways to do things better.

Quality Assurance

Chosen Care Group has always been appreciated for our standard quality assurance practices. Richard Darlington, Director of Quality and Miss Sheela Antony, our QA Lead have undertaken the responsibility to make sure that our services and processes meet the standards expected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care and to reflect the quality standard for organisational management ISO 9001.
We believe in constant improvements in what we offer to our communities. Our growth lies in the satisfaction of our clients and that can only be achieved when our services meet the highest industry standards.
Our Senior Management Team reviews the monthly audits and goes through the feedback of our clients to find rooms of improvement. Because, at Chosen Care Group, our customers hold the highest importance.


Chosen Care Group exercises standard corporate governance arrangements designed to ensure the organisational setup is always in order ensuring deliverance of streamline services to our clients.
We have a board whose responsibility is to oversee risk control and management, to ensure the business is conducted in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles of Association and the relevant acts, standards and codes as set by our various regulators and to execute internal matters in the most efficient way.

To Create
Better Everyday Life

To build the right workforce and utilise innovative technology to deliver high-quality care, ensuring a quality standard of health in our communities, preventing illness, reducing the need for hospital services and improving the management of chronic conditions.



Asad Abdullah


Is at the heart of the care and support we provide: we show empathy and understanding; value and support our clients and our carers; pay a fair Living Wage; we use care professionals who are patient, understanding and warm; we make decisions that put our values above profits

Key Behaviours:
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Patience & Empathy


We pay attention to the detail, provide a professional service and take our responsibilities and role very seriously; put the welfare of our clients at the heart of what we do and focus on their needs; we have clear policies and procedures that we keep under review

Key Behaviours:
  • Attention to Detail
  • Taking Responsibility
value of money


We are passionate about making people’s lives better and about our profession; we embrace new ideas and look for improved ways of working all the time; we have a positive outlook and a ‘can do’ approach to challenges

Key Behaviours:
  • Willingness to learn
  • “Can Do” Approach
Here at Chosen Care Group, we have focused on providing viable solutions to the problems faced by families and communities in handling the care of the elderly and patients with any mental and physical disabilities. When you decide to hire our services, you sign up for a model that promises cost-effectiveness with no compromise on the quality of our services.

Our Costing Model

We have designed and implemented our costing models to suit the budgets and costing plans of our clients whether they are hospitals or families. We understand the budget constraints of our clients and in this era of competition, we manage to provide bespoke social support and care services without any compromise on the quality. Having said that, we also ensure we fulfil all the promises we make to the clients.
We also adjust pricing models for our clients based on their varying needs and requirements. Our policy is to provide exceptional care services with an aim to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

Technology - based care

At Chosen Care Group, we are more focused on utilising the latest technology to provide our clients with the best support care services. The continuous advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning has led to remarkable innovations in the healthcare sector.
With this approach, we partnered with companies who are investing in using technology to revolutionise the social care sector. We aim to minimise the costs for our clients using technology as it helps in lowering down the involvement of human resources.

Value - added perks

Our person-centred approach takes people’s needs and characteristics into account in care planning, asking them how they would like to be treated, and what adjustments we can make to meet their needs.
It is our pride that many of our staff members have already been regarded as sincere and professional care professionals who treat the families they serve with utmost respect and gratitude. We eliminate unlawful discrimination through proactive means, which starts with fostering a culture of treating everyone, service users, carers, staff, and other stakeholders, with dignity and respect.
Our person-centred approach takes people’s needs and characteristics into account in care planning, asking them how they would like to be treated, and what adjustments we can make to meet their needs.

Value for money

In our 7 years of serving the industry, Chosen Care Group has remained devoted to ensuring “better everyday life” for every individual in our respected communities. From using the resources in the most effective way to maximising the impact of the finances, our team plans and execute to improve the lives of everyone around us.
We’ve formed a group of experienced, professionals, caring and young experts
Your trust in our team sets us apart in the industry. At Chosen Care Group, we have emerged as a leading social care and support services provider in the London region. Our focus has always been on having a team of managers and support members who are completely devoted to their work and services to the community.
We at Chosen Care Group are proud to have a professional management team. We are a team of experts providing exceptional support and care services since 2012. With several certifications and awards on our side, we have been helping our clients as one of the most trusted social care service providers.
We don’t work as an individual, we work as a team. Having a professional work environment with an effective network of trained staff linked together to turn your vision into reality is one of the core values at Chosen Care Group.

Senior Management Team

The growth of any organisation and its promising delivery of services to its clients always depend on the approach of its Senior Management Team. At Chosen Care Group, our Management Team has the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to effectively run the organisation and support staff. These experts and highly qualified individuals know the art of aligning client interests.
Our leaders are visible at all levels, inspiring others to deliver the care needed and lead by example and act as role models for the wider staff team.

Our Managers

At Chosen Care Group, our values are of honesty and diligence. We focus on delivering our commitments and ensuring we lead the industry with the best practices. Our managers encourage and support a strong focus on inclusion, equality, diversity and human rights. We embed a person-centred culture of fairness, support and transparency.


At Chosen Care Group, our senior leadership believes in providing all the essential working benefits and perks to our employees who have devoted their lives to the mission of serving our communities. Our leadership has always emphasise on sharing the organisation’s achievements with the employees and our service users.
To plan and review the company growth and services’ standard has always been the top concern for our organisational leadership.