Chosen Care is an experienced home care provider, delivering nursing, social care and support to a whole population in 6 boroughs; Redbridge, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Newham, Hackney and Havering.

Since 2012, we have supported more than 500 service users and delivered over 750,000 hours of Care & Support

Chosen Care takes its responsibility to contribute to the community very seriously. Chosen Care has created approximately 1000 jobs locally, particularly helping those on benefits to enter employment. Also we enabled 450 plus people to progress onto jobs or higher qualifications through Chosen Care’s Skills Support Scheme.

Chosen Care has achieved the accolade of becoming a provider with the Government’s Skills Fund Agency, who recognise Chosen Care’s commitment to providing skills in the community. To support the next generation of care workers, we have ensured Chosen Care offers work placements for school children, as well as providing placements for University of East London social work students, enabling them to gain social care experience.

Chosen Care Group, has won the Care Innovator and Best Care Coordinator Award in the recent prestigious Great London Care Awards in November 2017.

The Care Innovator Award for our idea to organise the way that domiciliary care is structured – to the benefit of both carers and those they support, allowing for carers to work together, reducing lone working. We created a network of local teams who are able to work together, giving a consistent care approach to those they support and enabling a better work life balance for staff. Our pilot study “Dutch Care Model”, later named as “Compatible Rounds”, ran from January 2017 and has given excellent results including reduced staff turnover, improved team work, increased their knowledge about service users and enabled chosen care to deliver the highest quality care.

Our new research in Machine Learning will enable us to launch DL Cure app, which will benefit all the people to stay healthy, reduce hospital admission and early intervention.

Compassion is great medicine, enabling patients to thrive, frontline workers to rediscover their passion for healing and health systems to prosper. Our Empathy Programs build engaged and resilient frontline staff who are prepared to provide the most compassionate and patient-centered care possible. To care for and show compassion for patients takes emotional strength and resilience, it requires staff to see the person in the patient, listen to their fears, concerns and worries, to empathies and to imagine yourself in their shoes, not least to be able to help them improve.


– Gracy Metilda, Chief Operations Officer.

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