Mayor’s Community Awards 2018 “Best business contribution to the Community”

Chosen Care received the mayor award as we have successfully created 1000 Jobs locally, predominantly helping the local Individuals who are on Jobseekers allowance to be in employment, also enabled 450 newcomers to progress onto jobs and progress their career to higher qualifications through Chosen Care’s Skills Support Scheme.

– Gracy Metilda, Chief Operating Officer

British Care Award

Chosen Care Group has won the Care Innovator and Best Care Coordinator Award in the recent prestigious Great London Care Awards 2017


“I would like to personally congratulate Sheela (Founder and Director of UCC) and Surya (Social Services Manager) for their awards – they are very much deserved. We put a huge value on innovations that help our staffs to be more satisfied with their jobs – ultimately that translates into better care for those we support"

– Bala Natarajan, Chairman & Director at Chosen Care Group


Selwa Hussain, the first woman in the UK to leave the hospital with an artificial heart powered by a portable driver that weighs 7 kgs and has to be carried around with her wherever she goes.

“I can’t thank the staff at Chosen Care Group enough: they have been absolutely amazing: everyone, the social service manager SM provide well-coordinated care allows me and my family to have an active voice in the care I receive. Staff are well trained on the artificial heart and I receive support in all aspects of my life, I would be lost without them”

  - Selwa Hussain, Service user

About Us

Since 2012, we have supported more than 500 patients and delivered over 750,000 hours of Care & Support. We continuously strive to deliver the best quality of care which enables people to live healthier, happier and live longer We place our patients at the heart of our service and get the best possible outcome…

Improving Healthcare with Machine Learning

Deep Learn Cure, we strive to improve people’s well-being by putting technology, Information and apply machine learning to work together for the wellness and reduce hospital admission.

Complex Care

As a specialist provider of complex care services, we understand that living with a long-term condition and suffering from a lack of independence can be extremely challenging.We always start by listening, to make sure we fully understand what you want from us, and from your life, and then we create a support plan that will help you live the way you want to.

Learning Disability

We care for and support people of all ages who have learning disabilities and associated needs, such as communication difficulties, autism, epilepsy and physical disabilities. Our person-centred approach helps you to reach your potential and develop your independence. We can support you for a few hours a week or 24 hours a day.

Dementia Care

People with dementia can often feel anxious, depressed and confused. The more everyone in their life understands what they are going through the better we can help them to maintain, improve, or regain their mental well-being. Our well-trained care workers understand the needs of people with dementia and provide high-quality care.


Our team supports people to return home from the hospital and to avoid care home admission and helping people to rebuild their social networks. It can take time to get back on your feet if you’ve had an operation or been unwell. Sometimes going back to your own home can mean re-learning some basic everyday skills and that can be hard without the right support.

Every Care Matters

Everything we do positively transforms people’s lives.

Improving Healthcare: We understand and respond to the needs of our patients is what delivers the highest quality care in the community.

Our Empathy Programs build engaged and resilient frontline staff who are prepared to provide the most compassionate and patient centred care possible. Compassion is great medicine, enabling patients to thrive, frontline workers to rediscover their passion for healing and health systems to prosper.

Person Centred Care

Our personalised more coordinated approach to care allows you and your family to have an active voice in your care and decision making.

Investing in Staff

Staff engagement has been a key to deliver Integrated Care. We continuously invest in developing staff’s capability and skills innovation


Our team supports people to return home from the hospital and to avoid care home admission and helping people to rebuild their social networks.


Our electronic shared care record view is a secure online summary of care record, combining of the care plan, daily notes and medication records sheets.

“I had the great pleasure of meeting three members of the Chosen Care team who were shortlisted in the ‘Home Care Worker’ category at the Great British Care Awards.

All three are fantastic ambassadors for both your company and for domiciliary workers everywhere. Everyone was passionate and dedicated, who were very impressive candidates but, more importantly, clearly exceptional carers.”

– Nathan Hollow, Head of Health & Social Care, PLMR

“Chosen Care Group had a robust system in place for safer recruitment of staff. Staff files showed that each staff member had been thoroughly checked to ensure they were suitable to work with people in need of support. Each recruitment file contained an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) obtained before the staff member started working at the service, at least two references from previous employers in health and social care and proof of the staff member’s right to work in the United Kingdom”

– CQC Inspection report, 26 April 2017

When I first join Chosen Care Group, I was like a child who needed support in learning how to be a care worker. The manager and the staff were so supportive, decent and friendly during my development. My development as a care worker enhanced through Chosen Car learning program, where I have achieved my qualification, as a professional care worker. Chosen Care promotes teamwork where each carer brings their skills and share it with others. Also Chose Care invest in diversified people where they work together in a safe environment.

– Bibi Mafuta, Senior Care Worker, Chosen Care Group

Very happy with the service, carers are very good. Very good service from the company, no concerns! Excellent

 – Patient to Chosen Care Manager

Happy with service, carers are really good, excellent understanding, cooperative and very happy.

– Patient NOK to Chosen Care Manager